Viola number 87A friend said to me, “I don’t think great art is about achieving goals. It is about the artist’s journey, the path of the artist’s experience. The creations that are left along this path point directions for future artists to explore.”

Within the historical tradition of violinmaking, the artisan’s path was defined by starting as an Apprentice and reaching the landmarks of Journeyman and ultimately, Master.

Active learning should not end when the artisan becomes a Master. The greatest master, Antonio Stradivari, despite his brilliance and preeminence, continued tirelessly into old age to make slight changes and adjustments to his work. The path of Stradivari’s life’s work is a lesson inspiring continued growth and development throughout the working lifespan of the violinmaker.

I use the word “Approach” for this area because it suggests a drawing near to something that is difficult to attain.

Within “Approach,” you will find sections on “Origin of Wood;” the practical section called “Making the Instrument;” and a philosophical look at violin design entitled “Perspective.”

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