It has been my privilege to make instruments for some well-known musicians. These experiences have taught me a great deal about my work and have expanded my abilities with each such encounter. However, I have also learned many important things from a great many of my clients. Most of my clientele comes from the ranks of professional musicians, advanced students, as well as from serious amateurs.

For those who may be interested, I offer a partial list of my clients and a list of recordings in which my instruments are featured as solo.

Partial List

Here is a partial list of people for whom I have made instruments and/or the names of some current owners.


Eric Grossman
Ben Hudson
Marjorie Kransberg, Concertmaster Northwest Chamber Orchestra
Frank Lee, Minnesota Orchestra
Yehudi Menuhin
Ilkka Talvi, Concertmaster Seattle Symphony
Michael Tree, Guarneri Quartet


Richard Ferrin, Chicago Symphony
Ed Gazouleas, Boston Symphony
Steven Gordon
Joseph Gottesman
Jerry Horner, Fine Arts Quartet
Peter Kenote, New York Philharmonic
Suzanne LaBelle, Principal Chicago Lyric Opera
Jie Lieu, Associate Principal San Francisco Symphony
Richard Marshall, Principal Minnesota Symphony
Kazuko Matsusaka, Boston Symphony
Donald McInnes
Yehudi Menuhin
Alice Preves, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Milton Preves, ret. Principal Chicago Symphony
William Primrose
Geraldine Walter, Principal San Francisco Symphony


Eric Barlett, Assistant Principal New York Philharmonic, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Steven Balderston, Chicago Symphony, St. Louis Symphony
Scott Ballantyne, Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra
Colin Carr
Avron Coleman, New York Philharmonic
Marie Gelinas, Toronto Symphony
Amanda Forsythe, Principal Calgary Symphony
Roy Harran, Principal New World Symphony
Barbara Stein Mallow
Samuel Mayes
Jackie Mullen, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Zara Nelsova
Aldo Parisot
Shauna Rolston
Paul Tobias
Leonard Rose
Raphael Wallfisch
Jian Wang
Thomas Wiebe, Toronto Symphony


Jon Deak, Associate Principal New York Philharmonic
Robert Hurst, Tonight Show Band , Winton Marsalis Band, Branford Marsalis Band