The viola, the alto voice of the violin family, truly has the capacity to express the deeper feelings in music. People are often very drawn to the viola sound because of its richness and depth.

    I am very fond of making violas and to date, have made more of them than other instruments. Since it is necessary to make violas in a wide range of sizes, I have chosen violas pictured in four different sizes. I am always happy to make a large viola, and two of my largest violas are shown here. However, it has become apparent that smaller violas usually offer most of the rewards of a large viola with some noticeable advantages.

    Of the three violas pictured, two are of a large pattern, one is of a medium size. Pictures of a small model viola will be posted soon. Please come back soon to see the new additions to the Instrument Gallery.

Viola Number 17.25
Viola Number 57
Viola Number 76
Viola Number 82