The pages in this area are devoted to photographic images of my instruments. The photographs show a cross-section of my work from earlier periods to the most recent, including violins, violas, cellos, and basses. While I believe there is a "family resemblance" within them, there is also individuality, variation, and development. Unless otherwise noted, all of the models and patterns are of my own design (please see the essay titled "Perspective" in the "Approach" section).

    I invite you to browse though my instrument photo gallery but please return for further viewing if your time is limited. Finding your way will be easy as each instrument is identified by type, year of completion, and size where necessary. There are enlargement options, for those who may be interested, available by clicking on the selected size of the desired view or by clicking directly on the image. Some of the violin images enlarge to very nearly life-size.

    All of the instrument photographs in this area dated 2002 and prior were made by Roger Bruhn, using a 4X5 inch format camera. The remaining photographs were made by Jon Chuzi and myself.

    Please visit the area titled Approach for a description of the process of making instruments.
    For additional informal photos of my instruments, please also visit the Picture Gallery in the About section.

Violin Number 28
Violin Number 47

Viola Number 57
Viola Number 69
Viola Number 76
Viola Number 82

Cello Number 32
Cello Number 38
Cello Number 60
Cello Number 62

Bass Number 3

Bass Number 4
Bass Number 6