Violoncello or 'Cello

T he cello (shortened form of its full name and the namesake for my Web site) is a grand instrument whose tone compares with the human voice. As a larger version of a violin, it requires nearly twice as much time and material to make a cello. While it might appear to be merely an enlarged violin, there are substantial differences in the acoustical concept involved throughout construction.

The cellos pictured in the gallery show some variation in their model, though neck, stop, and string lengths conform to international standards. Currently, three large size cellos are pictured. Soon a medium size and small pattern cello will be added and I hope you will return to see it.

My experience has shown that small celli can sound astonishingly powerful and deep while offering quick response. Large pattern celli have equally compelling qualities, making the choice of large pattern versus small pattern difficult.

Cello Number 32
Cello Number 38
Cello Number 60
Cello Number 62