Bass, Bass Violin, Double Bass, String Bass

As many different ways as there are to refer to the bass, likewise, there are myriad variations of sizes and patterns and an even wider array of models and shapes than any other member of the violin family. Making basses poses a challenging acoustic puzzle for violinmakers. This is not surprising considering the wide frequency range they must produce.

The bass gallery offers one bass: a violin shape bass made from traditional materials, with a carved, arched back. Soon another bass will be pictured which is a derivation of a 19th century Italian bass of a cornerless outline. Guitar-shaped or cornerless basses are less often encountered though well represented in great orchestras. The cornerless bass soon to be added, is made of curly Black Walnut on the back and sides. Please return soon to see it and other additions to the Instrument Gallery.

Bass Number 3
Bass Number 4
Bass Number 6