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Toward the end of the year 2000, David Wiebe created the cello featured here for Eric Bartlett. As he worked, David emailed Eric several progress reports along with digital photos that he took to document the process. As this was happening, John Bartlett created and updated this documentary web site to show the stages of building the cello. Click on a picture or section title below to go to a full page of detail shots and explanation of the making process. Please note that on the detail pages, you can click on any image to view an enlarged photograph. Click the back button to return to the detail page.


During the week of November 13, 2000 David paused his work on this cello to attend the Violin Society of America Competition in Cincinnati. He left Eric with a few pictures of the violin he took along to exhibit at the competition, along with a short note.


The Scroll Building the Rib Assembly

Making the Back & Top page 1

Making the Back & Top page 2



Assembling the Parts

Varnishing the Cello

Fittings and Final Setup




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