Eric's New Cello - Delivery

Each picture is numbered.  The comments also have numbers to indicate to which picture they refer.
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Pix 1-5 show Eric, in his living room, opening the case, inhaling the varnish, admiring the back, remarking on the sharpness of the endpin, and laying the bow on the strings for the very first time.



In pictures 6-8 Eric is warming up for an NYP rehearsal in his chair onstage at Avery Fisher Hall, using the new cello.


Pictures 9-10 are taken out in front of Avery Fisher Hall,  just before being chased off by some cops who said we needed a permit to take pictures!  In photo 11 we meet Bruno Price (left), cellist and cello expert at Machold's Rare Violins, holding Eric's Wiebe cello #61.  On the right is young English cellist Robert Ekselman, owner of Wiebe cello #32, which Eric is inspecting.




Photo 12 introduces Julie Reed Yeboah, David's first apprentice and now many years later, shop foreman of Machold's in New York.  Photos 13 and 14 show Eric and Robert comparing instruments and posing with David.
15  16 
In pictures 15 and 16 you can see side by side these 2 beautiful instruments.  Eric's cello is the one on the right.

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