David has left for the week to attend the

Violin Society of America Competition

in Cincinnati, and left these pictures and note.

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Ok, so it's not a cello. I borrowed my latest violin and my most recent instrument back to take to the Violin Society of America Competition which is held this year in Cincinnati. I will be back in the shop on 21st and hope to offer some signs of progress on the cello thereafter. In the meantime, these pics offer a little appetizer for what the finished product of all this raw wood in the cello process will eventually resemble. By the way, I will not compete in this VSA competition but want to lay this violin on the "Exhibition" table. [Too bad I got part of the clamp in the background, which was crudely propping up the violin, on one of the back views of the violin because it interferes visually with the free flow of the right C-bout.] 

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