David Wiebe, Violinmaker

  David Wiebe, Violinmaker
  2290 Glasco Turnpike
  Woodstock, New York  12498


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Greetings and Welcome!

I am David Wiebe, American maker of classical, handmade string instruments of the violin family.  That family includes the violin, the viola, the cello, and the bass. All are made to concert artist quality level, all this work falling under the one label of Violinmaker.  I invite you to explore my site by clicking on the following links.


    Please be sure to visit the newest addition to my website, the About section, which offers considerable new content, including my background and driving directions to my location.  Additionally some new informative and interesting areas have been added to this section which include more informal snapshots of instruments and their making.

Instrument Gallery
    The Instrument Gallery offers detailed photographic images of my work.

Current Workshop Photo Diary
    The latest addition to my website titled, Current Workshop Photo Diary will feature snapshots of the current project underway in the shop.  These photos will be added regularly to reflect the progress of the instrument being made at any given time with photos added sometimes as frequently as every day and sometimes only fortnightly.

Previous Workshop Photo Diary
     The Previous Workshop Photo Diary is here.

    The Approach area provides a practical behind-the-scenes look at my studio and my methodology of making instruments.

Eric's New Cello
    The photo essay titled Eric's New Cello documents my process of making a cello for Eric Bartlett. As I was making his instrument, I shot digital photos and emailed them to him along with my work notes so that he could share in my progress.

    The Contact area talks about the process of acquiring an instrument and has all my contact information. For information about bowmaker Susan Lipkins, please click on the banner on left. Thank you for stopping to visit.